Merging the Worlds of Legal Advocacy and New Media

Welcome to the N-Map blog!

The New Media Advocacy Project is transforming human rights and social justice work by using everyday technology, like video and internet social networking, to help public interest lawyers and advocates win their cases and improve the lives of their clients.

This blog will serve a few functions – first, it will be the central meeting place for N-Map.  It will be the place to come for N-Map news and to see all of N-Map’s videos, photos, and other media.  Second, it will be a place to discuss ways to use advances in technology to improve how we fight for human rights and social justice.

Inexpensive and accessible video, information aggregating technologies like Google Earth, and social media, like blogs, wikis, and Facebook, present enormous opportunities for lawyers and advocates improve how they do what they do – N-Map will help its clients use this technology to help them win their cases and achieve their advocacy goals, and will also serve as a resource for all advocates who wish to use this technology.   This blog will show and explain examples of this by telling the stories of our own experiments with our own work, and it will also serve as library of new media advocacy ideas and strategies.

So please read, and contribute, and help us use technology to make the world a more accountable, transparent, and just place.

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