The Men of Cell 5

Take a look at the first short edited piece to come out of our work with the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti.  This is very much a work in progress, edited on the road by our amazing producer, Dan Ramirez.  Stay tuned for more.

Edit: the movie is up on YouTube at  Please feel free to forward this link around.

5 thoughts on “The Men of Cell 5

  1. Haiti. A nation without a voice. A nation that should of been the most loved for its fight for justice and freedom will always be alone because of a history caused by jealousy, and envy by other slaved people. White supremacy have tortured this peaceful nation for years and have handed down the torture to those hateful once slaved nations. black people from all over the world should know about the only successful black revolution ever in history,recognize and Embrace Haiti for its fight throughout the centuries, instead they curse at her because they want to be under the white mans sheets.they want to be down with the man. They want to be half white or maybe just have 1% black to give them the right to be African, or be accepted ,and dare toturn there backs because they don’t want to get involved. Haiti today is still 90% African. how black R U

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