Haiti’s Heroes

We’ve been doing some deep thinking here about what N-Map can do to help Haiti in the wake of last week’s earthquake.  There was not much that we as an organization could do in the immediate aftermath.  However, one of our intrepid producers, Dan Ramirez, found a way to get into Haiti with his camera, just two days after the earthquake hit.  He has been shooting footage and documenting the relief efforts, and assisting with getting food and fuel to Partners in Health hospitals and camps.  Dan is a hero, plain and simple.

Dan Shooting in the Streets of Port au Prince

Of course, there are thousands of heroes in Haiti that you probably won’t hear about in the news — Haitian people who put their lives on the line to help each other.  There are, of course, countless stories that will go untold.  But I’ll just take one moment to honor our local partners — the human rights lawyers in Haiti that are, as we speak, doing what they can to protect their people.

Mario Joseph Interviews a Potential Client
Ouvens Jean Louis Interviewing a Detainee

Stay tuned in the coming days as we update on N-Map’s response to the disaster — and our hopes to tell some of the stories that would otherwise be forgotten.

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