A Warm Welcome to N-Map’s New Lawyer

Please welcome Alison Welcher, N-Map’s new staff attorney.  Alison, who just graduated from Harvard Law School last year, is generously volunteering a huge amount of her time this year before she starts her career as a litigator.  She is going to be posting on this blog on a variety of interesting issues – particularly some legal analysis of some of the evidence, ethics, procedural, and tactical issues that arise when using new media in legal advocacy – like the kind of issues that arose in the Crude case, much discussed on this blog.

So please welcome her, and challenge her ideas (politely) in comments.

One thought on “A Warm Welcome to N-Map’s New Lawyer

  1. Hi All!

    I’m really looking forward to contributing to this blog, particularly if we can get a dialogue going in the comments on some of the more unclear/difficult legal issues I will discuss. My first piece, to be posted soon, is more of a meta-look at the role that video can play in securing justice, but I hope to dive into more detailed legal analysis soon!

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