Two New Projects: N-Map Voices and The Big Idea podcast

We are in the process of launching two new blog-related projects.

The first is a series tentatively entitled “N-Map Voices.”  We shoot a great deal of footage in the context of N-Map projects, and we interview lots of courageous and articulate people who never make it into our final videos.  We’ve decided that these voices ought to be heard, this the “Voices” series on the blog.  Each post will simply contain a brief description of who the interview subject is, then one or more unedited sections of their interviews.

The second is a podcast and radio series called “The Big Idea.”  This project is not just blog-related, and will almost certainly get its own post in the near future, but I am mentioning it here to get it started.  It is basically an interview series profiling innovative human rights defenders and social entrepreneurs.  I have found that there is a narrative of decline and helplessness that permeates the media – from Fox News to NPR.  But from where I stand, I see a golden age of social enterprise and innovation, where thousands of people are implementing great ideas to improve the world and help their communities.  These stories are often untold – but they are fascinating, and the entrepreneurs almost invariably very smart and fun to listen to.

More details to come, but look for a pilot episode (or part of one) on this blog soon.

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