N-Map Voices: Felix Morka on Human Rights

Here is our first N-Map Voices post.  The following video is a clip from an interview of Felix Morka, Executive Director of the Social and Economic Rights Action Center (SERAC) in Lagos, Nigeria.  Felix is a great human rights innovator, and a great mentor of mine.  His organization just won a MacArthur award for Creative and Effective Institutions.

I find this statement captivating – a powerful articulation of why human rights are important, and the importance of humans in the work of expanding freedom and opportunity (ironically, something that is forgotten all too often).




One thought on “N-Map Voices: Felix Morka on Human Rights

  1. Awesome interview. Morka is right on about the misconception that people don’t know their rights and are powerless. Powerful support for new media and video for enforcing human rights. Great work! Thanks!

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