Restoring Democracy in Michigan

N-Map teamed up with the Advancement Project and Michigan Forward to create a video to help them raise awareness about Public Act 4, a law that permits the Governor to unilaterally appoint an “Emergency Manager” to essentially displace local government – including elected officials like mayors, city council members, and school boards.  The law is really appalling – if most Americans can agree on one thing politically, it’s accountable government – that we should at least have the right to vote out of office someone you don’t like.  This law destroys that possibility.

Take a look at our video here, and some more info about Public Act 4 below the fold.

For more information about Public Act 4, take a look at this article in Slate/the Root, written by Judith Brownb Dianis, one of the Directors of our partner organization, the Advancement Project.

Also, some great coverage of the Benton Harbor situation on the Rachel Maddow show a few months ago.

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