Innovative Advocacy in Armenia

N-Map’s team just returned from an epic two-week production trip to the Caucsues, where we worked with a number of courageous local NGOs on a variety of advocacy campaigns.  For our first trip to the region, we were very ambitious.  We worked on four different campaigns and conduct four trainings for civil society and NGO groups.

Many of the issues were new and different for N-Map.   We worked with Open Society Foundations – Armenia and the Women’s Resource Center of Armenia on a campaign to support the right to palliative care.  We developed a campaign on unlawful evictions, targeting the Armenian government, evictees themselves, as well as the European Court of Human Rights, which sometimes delays eviction and property-rights cases.  Related to the evictions project, we worked with a local photographer, Hayk Bianjyan, to address the problem of the unlawful destruction of Yerevan’s cultural heritage.  In Georgia, we started a campaign with a number of local disability right groups, with a focus on ensuring wheelchair accessibility in Tbilisi, as the city continues to renovate and restore its historic buildings.

We will post more on the substance of of each of these issues.  For now, enjoy some photos of us at work, including N-Map’s first experience shooting outside during a furious snowstorm!

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