Launching the Gender Justice Uncovered Awards:

N-Map is thrilled to announce our newly released video for Women’s Link Worldwide’s Gender Justice Uncovered Awards!



According to UN and World Bank research, societies with greater respect for women’s rights are more likely to develop economically and to promote the rule of law, and are less violent. However, despite great efforts to promote gender equality and justice, discrimination against women and girls continues, with detrimental impacts on society at large. The Gender Justice Uncovered Awards is helping to change that. By highlighting the importance of judicial decisions in the lives of women and their communities through real stories and cases, the Awards encourage greater attention to the critical role of judges – and all of us – in advancing gender justice.

The Gender Justice Uncovered Awards sheds light on court decisions made around the world that negatively and positively affect gender equality.  The Awards solicit nominations of judicial decisions, and later, involve the public audience in voting for the winning cases – both sexist decisions (bludgeon award) and decisions that advance equality and human rights (gavel award).  All nominations are entered into a Gender Justice Observatory – a database of legal decisions related to gender justice used by advocates and lawyers from around the globe and managed by Women’s Link Worldwide. Whether focused on reproductive rights, gender violence or discrimination, the Gender Justice Uncovered Awards raises awareness about the influence that court decisions have on women and society at large, and promotes accountability through the engagement of the public.

N-Map and Women’s Link Worldwide (WLW) have joined forces for the 2013 Gender Justice Uncovered Awards in an innovative campaign using a short animated video as a central component for our outreach. In addition to raising awareness, the video educates and empowers civil society by inviting them to participate as nominators and voters, while also populating the Gender Justice Observatory.  Our goal is to reach the greatest possible audience through direct outreach and a video that people will share online.

We need your help sharing the video, nominating judicial decisions, voting, and spreading the word! 

Here is what you can do:

  • Share the video online and promote it on your websites, social media pages, and other outlets;
  • Share the Observatory as a resource for gender justice advocates;
  • Encourage the nomination of cases to the Awards;
  • Support the People’s Choice Awards – the public voting process this spring… stay tuned;
  • Translate the piece into your language!  As part of the effort to build the campaign’s reach and expand the regional diversity of those participating, we are looking for volunteer translators to help distribute the video in other languages (We have begun Arabic, Hebrew, French, Portuguese, Mandarin, Turkish and Armenian). If there are other languages you or someone you know could help with, please let us know.

Please visit the Gender Justice Uncovered Awards Campaign page for more information about the campaign and how to participate.

Thank you from all of us at the N-Map team!

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