Gender Equality in the Workplace

A New Set of Videos to Animate Instances of Discrimination

Women in Georgia regularly experience acts in the workplace that would be considered discrimination in the United States. Yet few people recognize these acts as discriminatory, and many women do not realize the extent of their legal rights.

The extent of the problem of gender-based discrimination in Georgia became clearer to me than ever while filming this project. It was very was difficult to find women who were willing to speak on camera about their experiences of discrimination in the workplace. Women fear retribution for speaking out and are eager to keep their jobs in a city where over 29% of the population is unemployed. Those who told their stories described feelings of confusion, frustration, and outrage in the face of unfair treatment. Many women implied that simply labeling unfair treatment as a violation of legal rights provided a sense of empowerment. As one interview subject said, “Now I am angry at myself for not giving a proper answer! I would say that you do not have the right to ask this question. This is simply discrimination!”

N-Map produced four videos for our partner organization, Article 42 of the Constitution, to educate women about their right to equality in the workplace and mobilize women to report rights violations. The videos support a larger campaign to document instances of gender discrimination through the website, with the goal of breaking a culture of silence that compounds the problem of gender-based discrimination by encouraging women to both recognize violations of their rights, and share those stories with others who might identify with their experiences. This is the first set of videos that N-Map will produce for Article 42 of the Constitution’s media advocacy campaign on this issue—stay tuned for more!

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