#TengoDerechoASaber – A Campaign for Transparency

By: Nancy Gocher

(Para Español)

In partnership with the Instituto Mexicano para la Competitividad AC (IMCO), we produced a series of five videos for the campaign #TengoDerechoASaber. The campaign encourages Mexican citizens to demand accountability from the government and question how authorities spend tax dollars.

The video features several large, government-funded construction projects that were not only expensive but also largely unnecessary—like a large soccer stadium in a rural village or an unfinished bridge. These absurd examples show how a lack of transparency and efficiency in public spending affect the everyday lives of citizens.

Mexico is a country notorious for corruption. The campaign #TengoDerechoASaber calls for honesty. It calls for Mexican authorities to fulfill their obligations of transparency, accountability, and efficient spending by asking a simple question: do people have the right to know how the government spends tax dollars?

Every Tuesday in September we will release a new video on IMCO’s website, which also features reports on the quality of available budget information in Mexico. Support the campaign and join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #TengoDerechoASaber

Transparency and accountability are not only rights but also the foundation of a functioning country. We hope this campaign will raise awareness throughout Mexico about the importance of transparency and help change the laws to achieve it.

For more information on IMCO, visit their Facebook or Twitter page.

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