Our Vision

Advocates and activists think in issues, causes, struggles, and demographics. We have messages we seek to convey, audiences we hope to persuade. But as humans, we use stories, not arguments, to understand the world around us. Every first year law student hears, “the lawyer that tells the best story wins.” In today’s world, however, telling the best story involves more than just a well-reasoned argument and personal charisma. A good advocacy story needs drama. It needs relatable characters and struggle. It includes a call to arms and the possibility of future success.

The first decade of the 21st century has given defenders of human rights and social justice a remarkable array of new technological tools. Digital video, social media, and mobile phones have the power to make advocacy more effective and less expensive, and can help influence results in particularly tough cases or campaigns where traditional advocacy tools alone may not be enough.  The New Media Advocacy Project works with human rights and social justice advocates, social ventures, and political movements, to produce storytelling media and craft strategies that show the human side of issues.  We tell stories that are designed to achieve results. We tell stories that help our clients win.  To start a conversation with us about your stories, click here.

Our Team

Adam Stofsky, Executive Director (New York)
Abby Goldberg, Deputy Director (New York)
Steve Steim, Development Director & Multimedia Producer (New York)
Jesus Robes Maloof, Senior Attorney & Project Manager (Mexico)
Andrew Maki, Senior Attorney & Project Manager (Nigeria)
Nancy Gocher, Project Manager (Mexico)
Jessie Landerman, Project Manager (New York)
Danielle Kraus, Operations Manager (New York)
Karen Heredia, Program Associate (New York)
Madeleine May, Program Assistant (New York)

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