Thoughts on the Nobel Peace Prize

I’ve been spending time at the headquarters of Partners in Health (Zanmi Lasante in Creole) in Cange, Haiti, and have been working in several prisons with some of their doctors and community health workers.  Congratulations to President Obama, but Paul Farmer, founder of Partners in Health should have won the prize.

For those of you who don’t know who Paul Farmer is or what Partners in health is should pick up this book right away.  Or at least visit the PIH website.

For those of you who do, you’ll love this graffiti we saw in a town called Thormonde.

Viv Zanmi Lasante!
Viv Zanmi Lasante!

Zanmi Lasante’s director of surgery, Dr. Josue Augustin, was murdered a few weeks ago.  Not only is the organization suffering, but Zanmi Lasante’s repuation in these towns is so great, that it seems as though the whole land is mourning too.

Grafitti Mourning Dr. Josue's Murder

Zanmi Lasante is famous here in Haiti, and with good reason.  When President Obama can claim to have directly improved so many people’s lives, like Dr. Paul and Dr. Josue, then he will be deserving of the prize.  We expect that he will succeed, and wish him well.

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