Nigeria Preview – Lekki Free Trade Zone

We are working on editing quite a bit of content for the Social and Economic Rights Action Center (SERAC).  Here is a link to a rough cut of one section of the longer piece that we are making for them, shot Benjamin Wu, and edited (with some additional camera) by Leigh Iacobucci.  Both of these filmmakers are extremely talented, and did great work under pretty tough conditions in Lagos.

I am posting this because I really love this story.  It is a story of innovation — instead of relying on the traditional tools of advocacy to defeat a demolition, SERAC pressured the government to negotiate with the rural fisherfolk who lived on the land that they wanted to develop.  After a grueling negotiation, they came to an agreement that created a far better situation for everyone involved.

But it is also a story of simply standing up to wrongdoing — nothing innovative about that.  SERAC and its clients had the courage to simply say “no, you can’t do this because it’s wrong.” And it worked!

Watch and comment if you have feeback — remember, it is very much a rough cut.

2 thoughts on “Nigeria Preview – Lekki Free Trade Zone

    1. Thanks for the comment. How did you come to find this post? We’ll have some really amazing video on Makoko coming out soon.

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